I rated Patriots Day (2016) 7/10 #IMDb


A bit like the British TV series Casualty crossed with a 24-like docudrama. The events are set up, you know what’s going to happen, and when they do everything kicks off.

An engaging account of the events of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

The characters work well. The enactment is believable. The intercutting of contemporary footage fits well though it is done without explanation or blending.

I was unaware of the shootout in water town. Pipe bombs, handguns, rifles, it looks like a scene from GTA: violent chaos.

A portrait of bravery and resolve from law enforcement, emergency services, and the people of Boston. The end scene footage of some of the real people portrayed in the movie is worth seeing on its own.

I rated A Cure for Wellness (2016) 4/10 #IMDb


Though this is stylish there’s nothing new here. If it were a fraction of the running time, had fewer pretensions, and was entertaining I might claim it was in the style of a Hammer movie. It isn’t. It goes on and on. You can anticipate each revelation in the story until it finally gets to the big one that you will have spotted early on at the sanitarium. And then there’s a later bizarre scene of rebellion/insanity. Meh.

The sanitarium exploration is very much in the spirit of Scooby Doo or teen horror flicks: go weird places, find weird things, and then try and get away.

There are some jump shocks. Lots of persistent eeriness. And some scenes of typical fears: drowning, falling, teeth falling out, teeth being drilled, baths of eels, corpse defiling, menstruation, thugs, madness…

Overall though it is worth avoiding. Wait for it on DVD, play it at 1.5x or 2x and you will miss nothing and get to use the time you save more wisely.

I rated Gold (2016) 7/10 #IMDb


MM plays Kenny Wells a mining company guy with gold fever. His well-publicised weight gain would be more impressive were it not for his hyper-lordotic spine in any scene the belly is needed. I envy his good looks in this film too.

Nitpicking aside, this is a surprisingly low-key movie that tells the tale of avarice, hubris, and nemesis. Sort of.

There are some great down-at-heel scenes and some great tropical suffering.

Oddly it’s a film where almost no one seems to really win. And I liked that.

In the end you’re left wondering who was in on it.

MM could do a Hunter S Thompson to rival Johnny Depp’s based on his performance here.

I rated The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) 9/10 #IMDb


If you liked the Lego Movie this is a must-see.

Lego + Batman is a great combination. In this movie Batman is a solipsistic narcissist. Highly self-reliant, he ignores all the cues to enjoy friends, family, and team work. He learns his lesson during this fun-filled film.

There’s a strange reverent yet irreverent tone to the movie that has Batman turning up at Superman’s fortress of solitude to find he was not invited to the Justice League party and later has Voldemort and Sauron fighting on the side of The Joker.

Inspired movie making.