I rated Viceroy’s House (2017) 5/10 #IMDb


A surprisingly gentle tale of the partition of India at the time of independence from the British empire.

The Viceroy (Mountbatten) and the lady Mountbatten are portrayed sympathetically.
The viceroy’s house plays out as a microcosm of the country with friendship, enmity, confusion, and change.
The various politicians are treated almost as caricatures.
Despite the terrible, predetermined, outcome we’re offered hope in some of the personal stories.

It’s a nicely constructed story, beautifully shot, and with some entertaining, fascinating, and disturbing moments. Despite the monumental history, the cast, and the direction it is not great. OK. Worth catching but don’t go out of your way.

Author: prettygreenparrot

I go to the movies now and again. I take a few photos here and there and play with them a bit in Adobe Lightroom.

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