I rated Raw (2016) 7/10 #IMDb


Wow! A challenging movie with some shocking scenes and ideas that will make it unsuitable for some.

Opening with a motor vehicle incident as a primer and then moving on to our protagonist this is not Hollywood.

Justine leaves her coddled home to go to veterinary school. An odd ‘lord of the flies’ sort of place if the induction rituals for freshers are a guide.

There are the usual fresher shenanigans: excessive drinking, drugs, sex, loud music, and so on. But here there are rituals of conformity, degradation, and abuse. Maybe it’s institution-specific?

Justine endures some of these before her hunger starts to develop. Any more and I’ll start spoiling it for you.

If you don’t like retching, vomiting, blood, and depravity then avoid this movie. One brilliant scene involves Justine puking and retching as she brings up several feet of hair into the toilet bowl. 🤢 the sound track is entirely in keeping with the cinematography.

It’s slow at times, but as a tale of non-conformity, distinctiveness, and becoming yourself this is a remarkable feature.


Author: prettygreenparrot

I go to the movies now and again. I take a few photos here and there and play with them a bit in Adobe Lightroom.

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