I rated Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge 7/10 #IMDB


Almost relentless action and a long duration makes this a little tiring. But it is a sterling Pirates movie. Johnny Depp is on form as an hilarious and convincing Capt. Jack Sparrow.

Though Pirates movies could get as formulaic as Bond it is hard to imagine someone else playing Sparrow. Depp has it down.

The introduction of new characters and extended legends is done well. And the passing of the age of Pirates into near history is smart.

There’s enough backstabbing, parlay, and legendary nonsense to make it amusing, reassuring, and very entertaining.

I found the politeness and manners of the various cut throats as funny as ever. As well as the ridiculous slapstick stupidity of Sparrow and his weirdly loyal crew.

More real Pirates fun. You’ve sort of seen it before and this new chapter adds to the enduring appeal of this series. Funny, romantic, a little scary for some, and very entertaining if you give yourself up to it.

Author: prettygreenparrot

I go to the movies now and again. I take a few photos here and there and play with them a bit in Adobe Lightroom.

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