I rated Dunkirk (2017) 7/10 #IMDb

A mundane and shocking beginning to a dramatic, disturbing, gut-wrenching, and emotional movie. Its drawbacks are that it seems too long, it is chopped up, there’s far too much exposition, and it fails to effectively show some of the dissonance between the patriotic action and the deadly hanging around.

The loud and disturbing sound effects and the gripping Hans Zimmer soundtrack combine to lend empathy and emotion to a greater extent than the dialog and acting convey.

Poor Kenneth Branagh is under-used. Being either a narrative device, or a foil for other commentary.

Most gripping are the RAF scenes. The technical flying details and the combat render these credible and engaging.

The principal small boat scenes are good and create their own story in the whole. Though again, there’s a bit too much saying rather than showing.

Overall, it’s well worth seeing for its illustration of the deadliness of war and the lack of separation of heroes and regular men with regular concerns. ‘Men’ because there’s a mere handful of women in the whole picture.

I rated War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) 6/10 #IMDb

It stands up as a good planet of the apes movie.

Though the scope of the movie at its outset is limited: some renegade general sees he needs to destroy the apes, it turns into an existential battle.

The political parallels are perhaps a bit unsubtle at times but put those aside and you have a reasonable revenge thriller that transforms into a biblical tale.

Some of the dialog is a bit weak but all the characters do their job in a mainly male-driven plot.

Some of the destruction is surprisingly epic and accompanied by some inhuman acts of cruelty.

Worth a watch if the planet of the apes is of any interest to you at all.

I rated Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) 7/10 #IMDb

Some real fun in this rebooted, post-avengers Spider-Man movie.

Great that it avoids yet another tedious origin story for Spider-Man. I think his super power origin is dealt with in one line exchanged with his high school friend.

The Tony Stark involvement works really well. Tom holland does the awe struck teenager really well. And Robert Downey Jr just is Stark in the movies. Suitably irreverent yet serious.

I think though that the best thing this movie has over previous Spider-Man ones is the excellent portrayal by Michael Keaton of Toombs the ‘vulture’. His introduction and genesis are both fantastical and credible. No mutating gases, no experiments gone wrong. Just an aggrieved and disenfranchised worker taking a criminal route. Toombs and his gang have a well-balanced blend of menace and comedy that makes their criminal escapades credible in the context of the movie.

With its action scenes this movie even manages to overcome the overwrought video-game CGI of previous outings. Sure, some of the things look not quite convincing but then this is a teenager with super powers movie.

The balance of the action, drama, and mundane works well and I’d recommend you see this movie if you’re after some entertainment.

I rated Baby Driver (2017) 7/10 #IMDb

A slick and stylish movie directed by Edgar wright.

The scenes are masterfully matched to the soundtrack. In particular the foot chase scene.

So many parts of the movie reminded me of other movies that it was almost like a dizzying montage of references at times. Testament to Edgar Wright’s magpie talent that these fit really well into a relatively simple tale that is well-told and despite repetition builds to an inevitable climax and outcome.

Well worth watching if you haven’t already made the trip.