I rated Only the Brave (2017) 6/10 #IMDb

Slightly grander than the usual straight to TV ‘based on a true story’ tales of heroism, I was in two minds about seeing this. I’m glad I did.

It started as a pretty macho movie and I feared it would be all male banter, bonding, and beer. It’s not. I’m sure the real life fire fighters had far more depth than the characters portrayed on screen. Having said that I thought that though the characters are focused/accentuated for the drama there was more depth to them than is common for this type of movie.

The people around the firefighters – partners, friends, others are played very well and make this somewhat more than a heroic guy movie. Their relationships really add to the peril and tension I experienced when things got scary.

The bravery of these firefighters is apparent and this movie fittingly captures their heroism. The end scenes and credits also reflect the difficulty that survivors have of the aftermath of tragedies like this.

It’s a credible, well made dramatic tale of real life bravery.

Author: prettygreenparrot

I go to the movies now and again. I take a few photos here and there and play with them a bit in Adobe Lightroom.

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