I rated Entebbe (2018) 3/10 on IMDB


Dodgy accents, trope-ridden direction, lacklustre storytelling, and a mish-mash of messages make this an ordeal to watch.

The dance sequence has more drama than the hijacking, hostage negotiations, and raid. Maybe there’s a point there. But there’s no point in seeing this movie. I’d anticipated some meaningful political exchanges in the Israeli cabinet meetings but it’s all rendered inert in this movie.

Sadly, a disappointment.

I rated Tully 6/10


smartly told and well acted, Tully tells both the true story of the harrowing and rewarding journey of parenthood and a darker side.

Brilliantly observed at times, the only fumble Tully made for me was in its clumsy revelation. Which, unless you’ve never seen a movie before, is somewhat predictable. But its harshness is in keeping with the rest of this well-worth-watching movie. The remaining few minutes of the movie are a little mawkish and it could have done without them.