I rated Robin Hood 6/10 on IMDb


My expectations were not high from the trailer: video game style blah translated to movie. Reminds me of my era: RPG narrative translated to paperback.

In reality this has some of the great parts of video games and some surprisingly nascent narrative.

There are some ‘cut scene’ pieces. And there are some narrative components best used in video games rather than movies. However, as a reboot of Robin Hood and as a modern film the style worked really well.

Nottingham seems to be a sort of dark ages cyber punk Dickensian proletariat nightmare even before robin of loxley returns as an alleged dead man. Still, the rambling intro works surprisingly well and sets a good scene for Egerton to establish his role as a lord but not a Lord.

Then things change. The Middle East scenes are clearly Iraq/Afghanistan influenced and despite the anachronistic aspects they set the characters up well.

When things return to England it gets really engaging.

Sure, it’s a bit simple at times but the genuine hero pieces, the complexity of several characters, and the deep friendships make for some surprisingly real characters.

As an action movie it has some hits and some misses.

As a modern teen movie I’m surprised at its sophistication.

If you’re aiming for a movie and want some fun, romance, and action and don’t mind a bit of ‘really?’ Then this is a good move.

Go see it with low expectations and you’ll have a great time. See it with an open mind and you’ll have real fun.