I rated mid90s 7/10 on IMDb


I got to see a preview showing at Cineworld. I’m glad I did.

This is a foul-mouthed, rebellious, and slow-moving film about growing up.

Stevie (sunburn) has a typical relationship with his brother. His relationship with his mother is about to change. And all because he’s changing from a child into a teen.

He falls into hanging out at the skate shop and picking up skate boarding. Thankfully his progression in skating over the summer seems pretty realistic. No falling off a couple of times and then taking on the half pipe in an end of summer competition.

The skaters are typical teens. Trying to establish themselves, experiment, and fit in.

A really good movie about relationships, growing up, and getting along.

It is shot in a square format and veers towards realistic/arty in style. Nonetheless, a film that may remind you of your youth or give you something to reflect on if you’re one of those folks moaning ‘O tempora, o mores’.

I rated fishermen’s friends 7/10 on IMDb


A typical British city vs country comedy in many parts. Romance, tragedy, betrayal…

Pretty delightful overall. City types turn up in the village. One gets tricked into trying to sign the fishermen singers. Realises they’re authentic and discovers happiness. There are some ups and downs and all ends reasonably well.

Worth watching if you have time.

I rated how to train your dragon: the hidden world 6/10 on IMDb


with a couple of patrolled plot threads, a menacing hunter, and compelling event this dragon movie takes the characters through a difficult rite of passage.

The animation seems more sophisticated than the last how to… film I saw and retains the cartoonish nature of every character.

The bad guys are suitably arch and bumbling for a children’s movie.

Things are a bit drawn out at times but overall this felt the right sort of length for the number of plot elements that get introduced, handled, and resolved.

It’s fun and has some tension and I defy you not to shed a tear at some points.

I rated captain Marvel 8/10 on IMDb


8/10 is a high score for a superhero movie. What makes this one different is some subterfuge, some actual thought, and endearing characters with some entertaining dialogue.

Marvel is a tough superhero as she’s more super than DC’s superman. Potentially, very boring indeed. However, this relatively complex multiple origin story makes for a good movie.

2 post credit scenes add to the fun. And Marvel’s recurrent flashbacks are an integral part to the movie and her grit.

Didn’t seem as long as it is.