I rated Shazam! 7/10 on IMDb


a solid 7. This is a fun movie that bucks the D.C. trend for darkness and replaces pompous nonsense (S vs B, JL) with puerile humour befitting the young protagonist.

Sort of Big meets Spider-Man, this is real fun at times. And while some effects and story components don’t quite work (seven deadly sins) it is enjoyable and entertaining.

Mark Strong plays a surprisingly consistent and mean bad guy. There’s no quarter given to his young opponent irrespective of his guise.

Well worth watching.

I rated accident man 6/10 on IMDb


despite low production values and a lack of Hollywood slickness this is a compelling movie.

Based on the Pat Mills character, this has some disturbingly authentic scenes and background. Unlike many Hollywood films the assassins are what you’d expect: weird and unpleasant characters.

The motivations are clear and the events work well.

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes action movies and authenticity.