I rated Le Mans ‘66 7/10 on IMDB


Solid movie about a successful American and an understated Brit trying to give Ford Motors the innovation they asked for.

As an example of how firms beg for innovation and then resist it at nearly all costs this should be cut down to about 30 minutes and used to replace numerous ‘innovation’ and other training courses. Far more fun and possibly far more effective.

As a story, it is well told and engaging. Even better, it ends as it should.

Some terrifying racing scenes and vicious competition make for some very tense viewing.

I saw it in ScreenX. The extended scenes created immersion in the racing.

Well worth seeing.

I rated Charlie’s Angels (2019) 5/10 on IMDB


5 is perhaps too generous. But 4 seemed too mean.

I saw this at a Cineworld Unlimited preview.

Sadly, this film is a bit of a sprawling mess. It has lots of good film ingredients: a good cast; locations, locations, locations; easily identifiable villains and heroes; a light sprinkling of subterfuge; humour; and some glamour. Those things are spread all over the place though. And the characters are a bit…superficial. A shame, as the characters and their interaction made the TV series and the earlier movies.

There are some good touches of the TV series in the visit to the ‘stone quarry’. Unsure why ‘quarry’ is qualified, but it’s likely another idiom I’m missing. Great fun and pretty dirty fighting offset by some barely credible tension.

I won’t mention Patrick Stewart. No idea where his character was meant to be from.

Things are a bit grislier than the old TV show: impaling, some pretty rough fights, and some death.

It felt very long. Too long.

Go see frozen 2 instead. More credible story and stronger, more well-formed characters.