1917 relentless, pointless, predictable 6/10


Some remarkable depictions of grisly war scenes. And a very human scale to measure the enormity of some of the parts of this bit of a bigger battle in a bigger war.

The ‘single shot’ style, or whatever, and the filming of one run of events in a larger theatre of play makes for a limited narrative. Like the early days of cinema, it shows effectively one perspective. Not that engaging for an audience brought up with quick cuts, multiple perspectives, and simultaneous yet separate events.

Predictable? Like a teen horror flick predictable. Makes M N Shyamalan look like a master of cunning and surprise.

Pointless? As a cinematic event, somewhat. As events in a war, apparently – the benedict cumberbatch character says as much.

It is relentless. Even when the remaining messenger has almost faded with fatigue and stress he keeps on going. Thankfully in a more human way than many glossy Hollywood thriller hero-types.

It’s a story. It’s not that well told. It’s long, oh so long. And it is both surprisingly and reassuringly anticlimactic.

I can’t really recommend it.

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