Dolittle 5/10 some fun, a lot of ok

Emma Thompson as the parrot-narrator is a nice touch. But the level of exposition for the background and the ongoing story is a bit much even for a children’s movie.

Accents. Oh dear. RDJ gives Dolittle an accent that might be Welsh but perhaps is more a ‘cross-Celtic transatlantic fusion’? Still, he keeps it within about 20% of it’s starting point throughout. Much of his dialog seemed a little disconnected from the picture. Not sure if this was syncing or post-production drop-in work. Irrespective he gave a nice portrayal of an eccentric recluse who wants to help despite his personal grief.

The baddies were suitably small-children-film-friendly. Fiendish and ridiculous. Michael sheen was a fun dick dastardly type. Jim broadbent was a bit OTT but fitted the film.

The animals. Mmm some great animation and the animal-speak / human-speak bits were done nicely. There was a bit too much anthropomorphism though. Animals moving in ways that weren’t quite right. Hey, it’s a children’s film so accuracy isn’t its main thing.

It had the same problems most children’s films have: beginning and middle too too long with a quick resolution at the end. And some of the audience was restless as some things dragged on.

OK and worth catching on TV/streaming with young children.

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