Birds of Prey 6/10

Hard not to like Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. The story is a relatively mundane mashup of elements like heartbreak, revenge, theft, and the like. All combined with a difficult-at-times mix of surprisingly harsh violence, wackiness, and comedy.

It’s fast and entertaining but is perhaps a bit lighthearted and comic-like rather than comic book compared to other DC movies. Admittedly, most of those are poor at best so this is an achievement.

Some elements are great. The fairground showdown is a great mix of cartoon and grim violence and choreography.

Some elements are terrible. Ewan mcgregor as ‘black mask’ for example. There’s a good Begbie-like unpredictable note of viciousness. But only now and again. Most of the time it’s more Robbie Rotten. Victor Zsasz? More like ‘moody henchman’.

The rest of the Birds of Prey aren’t made enough of. The exposition from Harley is helpful, but we don’t get to gauge how reliable it is. some of the BoP action is a bit low-budget-TV which doesn’t suit the good cast and potential for outlandish mayhem that would be possible. Huntress and the bike-car chase could’ve been more engaging. There’s a really constrained feeling to all the scenes. This works in the club for example, but some of the street scenes reminded me of Batman (Michael Keaton): OK, but more impressionist than realist.

It’s an OK movie. Worth watching for some fun scenes and Margot Robbie as Harley.

If you liked suicide squad this is a step-up, but similarly pitched. Otherwise, you might give it a go but think generously.

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