Parasite 8/10

Weird, I saw Parasite at a Cineworld preview and thought I’d put a review up. Seems not. I’d rated it 8/10 on IMDB but not written anything.

Great movie. Go see it. Not sure it should’ve beaten Joker at the academy awards but that’s a different argument.

The characterisation and the boldness of the poor characters is excellent. The separation from ‘normal’ life of the wealthy characters is similarly well done and credible.

What made it real fun was the tension of ‘will they be found out’ and then the farcical components of…well that might be a spoiler.

Had it been a British movie I think folks might have ‘seen it before’. As it is, the novelty of Korea and the exoticism of the society brings a fresh perspective and makes this a bold, exciting, and very funny movie.

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