The New Mutants 6/10 on IMDB

Not the movie I’d expected.

This is a confined horror movie with Marvel TV undercurrents. Way better than I’d anticipated.

With a handful of cast members, a limited stage, and some brilliant and weak acting this would be a great pilot for a Netflix series.

As it is there are some tricky parts what with supernatural aspects of mutantism like alternate realities, scary demons, and some poltergeist-like manifestations.

Nonetheless, the simplicity of the setup and the youth of the characters combined with the uneasy ‘Essex Corporation’ angles make this a credible and engaging movie.

Sure, you know it’s going to work out OK in the end. But that ‘OK’ is still pretty SNAFU. And the journey to it is better than many ‘horror’ movies I’ve seen and avoided comment on.

I hope this turns into a series of movies that lets the characters have some further rights of passage and achieve something like heroic status.

Worth watching if you like superhero movies but want more suffering and character exploration.

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