Bill & Ted face the music and rock 8/10

If you didn’t like the earlier Bill & Ted movies you’re unlikely to like this.

If you did enjoy them then this is a wonderful, natural, progression. All the familiar elements are there: goofiness, time travel, good and less good music, historic figures, ridiculous ideas, a genuine happiness, and Death.

Bill & Ted are older. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprise their roles looking older and, for Hollywood folks, remarkably ‘normal’ for all of that. There are princesses. And Bill & Ted’s daughters Thea and Billie who play a pivotal role in making a happy ending possible.

This is a feel-good movie filled with unabashed fun and some hilarious moments.

Pinocchio stylish and endearing 6/10

Definitely not a sugary Disney tale. Here Pinocchio is created in a grim, poverty-stricken village. But one where there is love and joy too. At times.

Here, the puppet-come-to-life has a surprising and challenging story. Naïve, very child-like, Pinocchio goes after new experiences. To the adult viewer these are often poor, dangerous choices. To Geppetto they’re upsetting. To the cricket, a bit of a stern moralist, they’re all failures of character.

How else though is Pinocchio to grow? To change from a puppet into a ‘real’ boy?

An oddly engaging telling of the story. It is like a theatre production translated to a movie. Not realistic, but fantastical, fairly dark at times, and strangely compelling.

Though it was dubbed from Italian into English the retention of Italian accents made this more bearable than dubbing can often be.

Pinocchio’s initial abduction is horrid. Though his subsequent joining of the donkey cart despite his dilemma of doing what he wants vs doing the right thing is perhaps more heart-rending even though it shows he has learned and grown.

An often challenging movie that has some splendid acting and scenes.