I rated The Incredibles 2 9/10


twice as good as The Incredibles? Not far off.

This is a real fun film that I got to see at a Cineworld Unlimited secret screening.

The Incredibles are in hiding but can’t avoid trying to do good. With some disastrous consequences.

A billionaire wants to make superheroes legal again but all it not as it seems.

With some very amusing teenage events and some great almost slapstick humour, this film captures the original Incredibles spirit and style and pushes harder.

The emergence of Jack Jack’s superpowers is hilarious.

The short before the main movie ‘Bau’ was a beautifully done tale of growing up.


I rated Entebbe (2018) 3/10 on IMDB


Dodgy accents, trope-ridden direction, lacklustre storytelling, and a mish-mash of messages make this an ordeal to watch.

The dance sequence has more drama than the hijacking, hostage negotiations, and raid. Maybe there’s a point there. But there’s no point in seeing this movie. I’d anticipated some meaningful political exchanges in the Israeli cabinet meetings but it’s all rendered inert in this movie.

Sadly, a disappointment.

I rated Tully 6/10


smartly told and well acted, Tully tells both the true story of the harrowing and rewarding journey of parenthood and a darker side.

Brilliantly observed at times, the only fumble Tully made for me was in its clumsy revelation. Which, unless you’ve never seen a movie before, is somewhat predictable. But its harshness is in keeping with the rest of this well-worth-watching movie. The remaining few minutes of the movie are a little mawkish and it could have done without them.

I rated A Quiet Place 6/10


excellent use of jump cuts and tense jump scares. Credible ‘normal’ people dealing with super-scary alien monsters.

The alien monsters though? Sure, scary looks. But do they have super-sensitive hearing? Do they have bat-like echolocation? Well, that depends a little on the whims of the scene. Either way if you can suspend your disbelief you’ll find this a tense and exciting movie. If not then it’s a trope-ridden jump-scare-fest with monsters that would be in Scooby Doo if they were less gruesome.

I’ll ignore the patches of sand, the woeful soundproofing, the incredible undiscovered monster deterrent, and the nail in the step. That would detract from the fun.

Worth watching to see whether you find it scary or ridiculous.

I rated ‘Red Sparrow’ 5/10


I rated it 5/10 and think I might be a little generous. Jennifer Lawrence plays a dead-eye, cunning spy after being forced into a brutal regime of psychological reconstruction following a ballet ‘accident’.

The ending was surprisingly good, albeit somewhat predictable. I’m unsure if there was meant to be any real suspense for it. The rest of the film is a mish-mash of old spy-thriller standards (there’s a mole, dodgy ‘Russian’ accents, gung-ho CIA agents) and some weird blend of 1970s-style soviet stuff and modern day pieces.

Thankfully there are no ‘ultrasonic’ glass-smashing signet rings or the like. But there did seem to be floppy discs holding US-government secrets. Maybe these are popular in spy-circles for the difficulty they might present an adversary in finding something to read them with?

Joel Edgerton isn’t amazing at the best of times but he clearly had some very thin material to work with here. His character is tissue-thin compared even to Lawrence’s.

The film is way too long. It is gratuitously peppered with nudity. And it all seemed a bit dated and too contrived.

A shame, as Jennifer Lawrence is a strong screen presence.

I suggest this is a late night streaming one that you won’t mind falling asleep in front of. Watch Nikita (either version) instead.

I rated ‘Lady Bird’ 8/10


A teenage rites of passage story with stubborn, anarchic, and entertaining characters. Well worth seeing.

Lady Bird is trying to grow up. It’s tough when you think you’re in the wrong place, when your family is as weird as any other, and you literally come from the wrong side of the tracks.

With high school traumas, boyfriend trouble, and changing cliques Lady Bird triumphed for me as a great tale of growing up. It’s told both tenderly and hilariously directed with compelling performances from the leads.

I rated Black Panther 8/10


For a superhero movie this is entertaining and a little different from the usual.

Some great casting, a brief history of Wakandia, and some good social commentary made this a bit deeper than other Earth-based Marvel movies.

The bad guys are suitably bad. And the main one is tough, ruthless, smart, and has a reasonably compelling backstory.

The conceit of Wakandia as a secret, highly-advanced place is wonderful.

The film goes on a little bit longer than I’d like but there’s only one period where it lulls slightly after the Korea events.

All in all this is a great superhero movie. While it has its fair share of blammo fighting and special effects it also has a few more diplomatic angles on resolving problems.

The end credit short scene is a very nice touch.

Go see it if you can.