I rated King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 6/10 #IMDB


Not sure I’ve seen a great King Arthur film since Excalibur. I’m still waiting.

This is a laddish caper-like movie with strong touches of The Lord of the Rings. There’s a lot to enjoy. The unreliable accounts of antics in ‘Londinium’ to the black legs are amusing. The wheeling and dealing establishes Arthur as a king o’ the people. And some of the fighting and fleeing scenes are marvellous. But it is all in an overly long rambling jumble of action flick meets sword and sorcery via geezer culture flow.

The Mage’s animal magic is done well. Sufficiently so that it really suspends disbelief. The cuts and acting and effects could be a good reference for a future Judge Anderson PSI Division movie.

It’s long, it has some great moments, but it is no epic and is not legendary. See it if you’re passing.

I rated xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017) 2/10 #IMDb


I wasn’t expecting much. But this was so bad I almost didn’t stick it out.

Avoid it at all costs unless you can endure a hackneyed plot, some risible events, 2D characters, and a level of ridiculousness zoolander could not carry off. Though if you do stick it out there are some amusing, juvenile one-liners. And in the mix up of nonsensical stunts there is some occasionally crisp action.

It’s a sort of kedgeree action movie: made of a variety of ingredients from many parts of the world. There are some talented action-movie people in it. There are (too many) exotic locations. Sadly though the flavour is a bit off.