I rated Phantom Thread (2017) 8/10 #IMDb


Sedate, odd, and surprisingly gripping. This is a story of a challenging relationship and its effects on those in and around it.

Beautifully, if darkly, shot. It is well worth seeing.


I rated Den of Thieves (2018) 5/10 #IMDb


Trope-ridden action drivel. There are some good chunks. But so many dud parts.

The principal characters are well-cast. The ‘twist’ is done in only a predictable way rather than the usual Barn Door style. There’s a bit of a ‘usual suspects’ recap towards the end with some insightful scenes if you missed some of the signposting.

Only if there’s nothing else on.

I rated Winchester (2018) 6/10 #IMDb


Stuffed with supernatural silliness, jump scares galore, and an allegedly real background this is a fun modern horror movie with nods to various classic horror of the past.

If you like unwieldy premises, creepy mansions, and sudden frights and false starts then you’ll enjoy this.

I rated Downsizing (2017) 5/10 #IMDb


Overall a fair film that doesn’t seem to stretch any of the cast much. It probably contains a few lessons including ‘the grass is not always greener…’ and ‘you get out of life what you put in’. And if you think those a little anodyne then that’s my lasting impression of this movie.

The run up to the act of ‘downsizing’, being shrunk to a fraction of your original size, is desperately long and overwrought. And I wondered whether this idea should have been abandoned in an earlier rewrite. It serves a similar purpose to moving out of state or to another country. Yet it involves some scenes and ‘jokes’ that wouldn’t have been missed.

Then Matt Damon is shrunk. His wife is not. They divorce. He falls apart. And he leads a melancholy life not too dissimilar to his full-sized life until a real encounter with his neighbour (Christopher Waltz) leads him to start living again.

He meets a former Vietnamese dissident He joins her in helping the disenfranchised and they fall for each other.
The rest of the film has some adventure and Malthusian apocalyptic predictions and stereotyped Norwegians.

All in all this is an unsatisfactory yet occasionally entertaining and life-affirming movie. A mixed bag of various nonsense, deep feeling, and dodgy story telling. It lacks coherence and left me wondering whether I’d enjoyed it or if I’d been bored by too much of it.

Maybe it’s a bit like a mundane ‘Brazil’?

If you’ve nothing else to do it’s worth seeing but I can’t recommend you go out of your way for it.

I rated Coco (2017) 9/10 #IMDb


Another Pixar triumph. Coco loves music and his family forbids it. He accidentally travels to the land of the dead to seek out the shade of the man he thinks is his great great grandfather.

A brilliant and vibrantly animated story epic. The colours. The characters. The simple and heart rending story. It could have you in tears at times. It certainly has some LOL moments.

If you’ve liked a Pixar movie in the past you’ll likely love this.

I rated Darkest Hour (2017) 7/10 #IMDb


Gary Oldman is very good indeed. As is Kristin Scott Thomas.

At times it seems very ‘british’ in its style. There are some jarring interludes into the Whitehall drama where we see the terrible toll being paid in mainland Europe.

The movie replays the usual Churchill myths and legends. It also shows the contempt many had for him.

His appetite for booze is almost comically played up with what looks like a bar order for breakfast.

I can’t attest to its accuracy but this is an entertaining, challenging, and proud movie. Well worth watching.