I gave this 4/10 on IMDB.

The tale of patriot/traitor Edward Snowden as told by Oliver Stone.

Possibly one of the dullest ‘dramatisations’ of true events in recent times. If I hadn’t been deep in a row at the cinema I might have walked out. It’s not all bad, just insufficient good to balance the zzzzzz.

The pivotal events in Snowden’s journey to disaffection with his work are too much like real life: stressful, slow, and undramatic. The tension he feels between his conscience, his apparent love for his country, and his love of his work is apparent. Rhys Ifans probably plays he best role. At times menacing and controlling and at others conciliatory and supportive.

The journalists are straight out of a book of journalist stereotypes.

The setup of the movie seems very traditional in the ‘well the events went like this’ looking back as the story is told to the journalists. Unimaginative.

Possibly one of the biggest stories of the early 21st century told with sufficient dullness to make you wish you’d just stayed at home and put Sneakers, Hackers, or Spy Game on instead.


And with a swap of the phone my ratings vanished

I got another phone, restored it with an existing profile, and nearly everything was great.

Well, Siri was still laughably inept. But things that I wanted to work nearly all worked. Except for one very important app: IMDB. I’d created an account but when I logged in the handful of film ratings I thought I’d saved didn’t seem to come up. Time to change again. And this time, to WordPress.

I used to use flixster.  Easy ratings access. Easy to read reviews. I kept rating movies I saw for a few years. But then the ads started. A few static ones at first. OK. Then an occasional video ad. Not so bad. But then ad after ad after ad all video. All very untargetted. And they made the app execrable.

That’s when I moved to use IMDB. Really handy for all that movie info and trailers and it has a neat rating, share, and review piece.

And then I swapped phones and for the first time  I realised I did not know what account details I’d used for IMDB.

Trying email addresses got me a couple of recovered passwords but no past ratings.

I figured WordPress would be the best place to keep my ratings and my ramblings.

Expect my opinions on films.