I gave The Last Jedi 7/10 on #IMDB


Finally, an OK Star Wars movie beyond the original trilogy.

It is way too long with a running time of 152 minutes. There’s nothing here that cutting to, say, 100 minutes wouldn’t have improved.

The story telling is pretty traditional with seemingly contemporaneous cuts between different galactic locations. This makes it feel similar to good Star Wars movies.

I really enjoyed the Rey and Luke scenes. Some echoes of Luke and Yoda there. But with a darker, more challenging edge.

The lamest parts were those with general Hux and Poe near the beginning. Too comical. Oh, and most any part with Ren who is too obviously conflicted and just comes across as meh. The epic fight Ren and Rey have with Snokes’ elite guards is just a drag.

Really good parts were the tension of the fleeing rebel ship and the rebel escape. The triumphant destruction of the first order ships is great. And the sneaking out, reunion, and skywalker/ Ren face off is great. Real Star Wars moments.
Overall this is a rather too long but engaging Star Wars movie that bodes well for the next instalment.

Author: prettygreenparrot

I go to the movies now and again. I take a few photos here and there and play with them a bit in Adobe Lightroom.

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